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  • Age-proofing with Optimism, 2 July 10, 2020
    How does optimism link with better health and better recovery if you suffer a stroke? Researchers found that people who are optimistic tended to have lower levels of inflammation in their body (as shown by levels or interleukin-6 and C-reactive protein). Chronic inflammation Chronic inflammation tends to harm the brain and impairs the body’s ability […]
  • Age-proofing with Optimism July 9, 2020
    How optimistic are you? Did you know that the personality trait of optimism is linked with recovery from a stroke? Did you know that optimistic stroke survivors have lower levels of inflammation and less physical disability after three months? No one want a stroke. However, research suggests you might want to hone the trait of […]
  • Research on Female Brain & Body, 3 July 8, 2020
    In 2014, the National Institutes of Health established guidelines for preclinical experimental design. These guidelines were designed to encourage researchers to adopt best practices, such as randomization and the inclusion of both male and female lab animals. Many thought this might result in a more radical change in favor of equal research on males and […]
  • Research on Female Brain & Body, 2 July 7, 2020
    A neuroscientist at the University of Colorado School of Medicine I Aurora, Colorado, was doing studies with mice. So the story goes, she was surprised to notice that the brains of some female mice who had Down Syndrome (a defect involving chromosome 21), evidenced some unexpected abnormalities. She already knew that the brains of trisomic […]
  • Research on Female Brain & Body July 6, 2020
    The national plea for equality has made me think about equality in a new way. Recently, I had a bad reaction to a medication. My nephew, in graduate school, did some research and discovered that it had only been tested on males—so how it would impact females was unknown. I think that is inequality for […]
  • Proverbs from Russia July 3, 2020
    Growing up, what I learned about Russia came from the music of Russian composers that I played in my study of music and stories about Siberia. And the Tzar’s amazing Fabergé Easter eggs. Oh yes, and a few movies like “Dr. Zhivago.” These are few Russian proverbs.Absentmindedness is searching for the horse you are ridingA fly cannot enter […]
  • Auto-Brewery Syndrome, 4 July 2, 2020
    Although once believed to be a very rare condition, it may be very underdiagnosed, especially as the ingestion of carb-heavy foods such as pizza, bread, pasta, beer, ice cream, and other desserts seems to be increasing in many industrial countries. Individuals with diabetes may be at higher risk for developing Auto-Brewery Syndrome. What can be […]
  • Auto-Brewery Syndrome, 3 July 1, 2020
    What happens when carbohydrates ferment in the small intestine (and sometimes in other parts of the body)? The result is the production of intoxicating quantities of ethanol, also known as ethyl alcohol or grain alcohol. Bottom line: The ethanol is absorbed in the small intestine, causing an increase in blood alcohol concentrations that produce the […]
  • Auto-Brewery Syndrome, 2 June 30, 2020
    Gastrointestinal dysbiosis is a term that refers to a condition in which there is an imbalance of the beneficial microorganisms (e.g., bacteria) versus the harmful microorganisms within one’s intestines. This can occur when individuals are prescribed antibiotics, because they are not very discriminating when it comes to killing bacteria. Sometimes antibiotics can be life-saving. Taking […]
  • Auto Brewery Syndrome (ABS) June 29, 2020
     Okay. You are a brain-function specialist. Periodically, my husband acts like he is intoxicated but adamantly protests that he has never drunk one drop of alcohol. I have combed the house and checked the trash—no evidence of bottles or cans—although my mother thinks he is lying. Any suggestions?Yes. Actually, I do have a suggestion. You […]