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  • More African Proverbs June 18, 2021
    More African Proverbs  1.     The skin of a leopard is beautiful, but not its heart.  2.     A happy man marries the girl he loves. A happier man loves the girl he marries.  3.     What you help children to love can be more important than what you help them to learn in school.  4.     If you […]
  • Preteen Brain and Exercise June 17, 2021
    The data from the Boston Children’s Hospital analysis of nearly 6,000 early adolescents was quite clear—and somewhat eye-opening. Physical activity of any kind was associated with more efficiently organized, flexible, and robust brain networks, the researchers found. The more physical activity, the more “fit” the brain. It didn’t matter what kind of physical activity the […]
  • Child Brains & Physical Exercise June 16, 2021
     I hate to admit it, but our family gets very little exercise. We want to spent time with the kids but since they like video games and table games, we mostly do those. We’ve all packed on a few pounds during the pandemic. Now that things are opening up, what should we do now?  You […]
  • Matching a Musical Pitch June 16, 2021
    Matching a musical pitch involves an intricate coordination of several tasks within the brain:  1.     When the brain hears a sound, especially if this occurs in the brain of a singer or someone who whistles, it first identifies the pitch.  2.     Next it makes a decision about which vocal muscles must work together to reproduce […]
  • Brain & Matching a Musical Pitch June 14, 2021
    I read somewhere that research at 23and Me has identified more than 500 genetic markers associated with the brain’s ability to match a musical pitch. 500? What takes 500 genetic markers to simply match a musical sound at the correct pitch? Abilities to match a musical pitch tend to be a combination of genetics and […]
  • African Proverbs June 11, 2021
    Some of you know how much I enjoy proverbs from different continents and countries. I find it intriguing to note that a similar sentiment or idea can be expressed so uniquely depending on the location on Planet Earth. A good friend of mine just sent me these. Enjoy!  1.     If you think you are too […]
  • Quality Time June 10, 2021
    Cambridge Dictionary defines “Quality time" as the time that you spend with another person, giving him or her your full attention because you value the relationship. Quality time requires that you are in the moment, present, and focused on the other person—personal or professional. I turn off my iPhone or let it go to voice […]
  • Phubbing and Relationships June 9, 2021
    In an article entitled “What is Meant by ‘Phubbing’ and Is It Ruining Our Relationships?” the author summed it up this way: “We don’t need a lot of research to tell us what we already intrinsically know, that if we want quality relationships in our lives, we need to make them a priority and focus […]
  • W-Phubbing June 8, 2021
    Similar problems with inattentiveness and disruption have been observed in work settings, as well. Some refer to that as W-phubbing. The brain was not designed to multi-task and when one or more individuals in a group are distracted by checking their mobile communication device, they may miss key points in a discussion or fail to […]
  • Phubbing Threatens Human Ineractions June 7, 2021
    In an article from the Journal of Applied Social Psychology titled “The effects of “phubbing” on social interaction," the authors reportedly concluded that the importance of phubbing as a modern social phenomenon needs to be further investigated. This is because phubbing significantly and negatively can impact one’s perception of the quality of communication and satisfaction with relationships. […]