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  • The Brain and Seven Virtues, 2 December 17, 2018
    Three theological (so called) virtues make up the Seven Virtues. These are:·       Faith ¾ the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen; belief in anything, as a code of ethics, standards of merit, etc.·       Hope ¾ an optimistic state of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes with […]
  • The Brain and Seven Virtues December 14, 2018
    Just for fun I decided to view these seven virtues against the back-drop of current world events. Each brain has its own perspective of these seven virtues.·        Prudencefrom prudentiameaning "seeing ahead, sagacity") is the ability to govern and discipline oneself by the use of reason. ·        Justiceis the virtue which regulates humans in their dealings with […]
  • The Brain and “Virtue”, 3 December 13, 2018
    According to Greek philosophers Aristotle and Plato, the four most desirable character traits in a human being were: temperance, wisdom, justice, and courage (or fortitude). “Many the time when my eight-year-old self would become a slight bit impatient about the length of a visit to the sick or the length of time it was taking […]
  • Brain and “Virtue”, 2 December 12, 2018
    Excellence has been defined as the quality of being outstanding or extremely good in doing what is right and avoiding what is wrong. But who or what decides what is right and what is wrong? Which “brain” determines the criteria? Therein lies the conundrum. Children grow up consciously or subconsciously absorbing what the “big people” […]
  • The Brain and “Virtue” December 11, 2018
    One doesn’t hear much about “virtue” these days. Growing up, I certainly heard more about it than in recent years. I was taught that the word itself referred to behavior showing high moral standards; a quality considered morally good or desirable in an individual and something to be practiced whether the person was alone—with no […]
  • The Science of Generosity December 10, 2018
    Christian Smith at the University of Notre Dame and colleagues, are studying the science of generosity, as they put it. They defined generosity as the virtue of giving good things to others freely and abundantly. They also pointed out that generosity also involves giving to others not simply anything in abundance but rather giving those […]
  • Personality Traits Linked with Intelligence, 2 December 7, 2018
    The second study reported in theJournal of Research in Personality concluded that those who possess a dispositional tendency to value joint benefits more than their own, scored higher on an intelligence test. Researchers studied 301 people who played games that involved either donating to others or keeping things for themselves. They found that those who […]
  • Personality Traits Linked with Intelligence December 6, 2018
    A study published in the Journal of Research in Personalityrevealed some interesting information. It concluded that intelligent people are more likely to be generous and altruistic. While generosityis not something people usually associate with intelligence, this research clearly shows a link. In the study abstract, the researchers referred to “unconditional altruism” as an enduring puzzle […]
  • Breakfast and Chronic Disease December 5, 2018
    Eric Rimm, senior author of a study related to breakfast and coronary heart disease and associate professor of epidemiology and nutrition at Harvard School of Public Health, said, “It’s a really simple message. Breakfast is an important meal.” And Leah Cahill, postdoctoral research fellow in HSPH’s Department of Nutrition, was quoted as saying: “Skipping breakfast […]
  • Breakfast and Energy December 4, 2018
    Prevailing wisdom has been that a failure to eat breakfast can result in a 40 percent loss of energy by noon. That’s not all. In a study from Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH), researchers found that men who regularly skipped breakfast had a 27 percent higher risk of heart attack or death from coronary […]