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  • Success Quotient April 24, 2019
    In combination, your IQ and your EQ make up your Success Quotient or SQ. The Success Quotient describes one’s overall success based on stereotypical measures—and is believed a factor in health as well as longevity. SQ describes the contribution to your overall success in life of IQ plus EQ. They do not contribute equally, however.·       […]
  • IQ & EQ April 23, 2019
    IQ or Intelligence Quotient describes a level of inherited potential academic intelligence. It is a range of mental faculties that you get from your biological parents. It is believed possible to raise one’s IQ from 5 – 30 points, depending on the starting point. EQ or Emotional Intelligence describes a set of learned skills distinct […]
  • Vehicle-Mind Metaphor April 22, 2019
    Vehicles create traffic and then traffic impacts vehicles, enhancing or impeding their progress. There seems general agreement that the brain creates the mind and then the mind can impact the brain, even directing it in positive or negative ways. This makes the human brain different from any other type of brains on the planet. Only […]
  • Inflammation Stategies April 19, 2019
    Creating and following a longevity lifestyle can help prevent and/or mediate some of the symptoms of chronic inflammation. Getting adequate sleep, developing strategies for managing negative stress, staying active and exercising on a regular basis, developing a good support system, making time for play and relaxation, and learning to laugh—a lot, avoid smoking, etc. In […]
  • Two Worst Contributors April 18, 2019
    Inflammation can involve the digestive system, which can compound the problems. How does digestive inflammation begin? Typically by what you eat. According to The Alternative Daily processed foods and refined sugars are the two worst contributors to chronic inflammation in the gastrointestinal system. Foods high on the glycemic Index such as processed and refined sugars […]
  • Inflammation April 17, 2019
    Low-grade, chronic inflammation is systemic and can last for months or years. It is linked with a host of medical conditions and diseases including: a variety of autoimmune diseases, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, asthma, autism, cancer, celiac, colitis, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, neuropathy, psoriasis, under- or over-reactive Thyroid, and so on. This is partly due […]
  • Inflammation - a Secret Killer April 16, 2019
    Time Magazine reportedly called inflammation a secret killer. Inflammation is linked with seven of the top ten leading causes of death in the America. The five so-called classic signs of inflammation are: heat, pain, redness, swelling, and loss of functions. So what is inflammation? One definition is a localized physical condition, typically as a reaction […]
  • Brain Shrinkage & Dementia, 4 April 15, 2019
    If what you typically eat is low in B12, what can you do? There are B-12 injections one can take (but I’m not too jazzed about taking injections even if I did begin my career as a nurse). Some companies that source vitamins do sell B12 drops that are taken under the tongue for easy […]
  • Brain Shrinkage & Dementia, 3 April 12, 2019
    Sometimes low B12 is related to a lack of appropriate digestion rather than to a low intake. Having said that, the use of B12 supplementation needs to be selected carefully. Some individuals have been taking B12 in a commonly available form known as cyanocobalamin, a reported derivative of cyanide (think Agatha Christie murder mysteries). According […]
  • Brain Shrinkage & Dementia, 2 April 11, 2019
    A five-year study by researchers at Oxford University concluded that older people who showed vitamin B12 deficiencies has a six-fold increased risk of experiencing brain shrinkage, Professor David Smith pointing out that what a person eats may influence the rate of shrinkage of the brain as they age. Vegans and vegetarians may be a higher risk […]