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  • Untitled January 6, 2024
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  • Dieting & the Brain December 21, 2023
    Every month or so I go on a crash diet. That lets me eat whatever I want for three weeks and diet the fourth week. Someone just told me that dieting damage. Is that really true? Studies have shown that weight-loss diets can impact the brain negatively in several ways. It can disrupt the synthesis […]
  • To diet or not to diet December 20, 2023
    I’ve gone on endless diets and always  gain it all back, sooner or later. I always wonder “Why?” That is the question for millions of individuals. Samuel Beckett has been quoted as saying, ‘Probably nothing in the world arouses more false hopes than the first four hours of a diet.’ Those concerned about their weight […]
  • Obesity & Alzheimer’s Risk December 19, 2023
    Please tell me there is not a link between being obese and an increased risk of Alzheimer’s. I could tell you that. However, it would not align with current research. Maintaining an optimum weight is a vital part of protecting your health. Studies of 8,000 twins found that being overweight doubled the risk of dementia, […]
  • Your Odortype December 18, 2023
    We spent a week with close friends during Thanksgiving. Now my husband tells me, "You smell different." What causes that?Your genetically determined body odor or Odortype, acts like an olfactory nametag, helping to distinguish one person from another. What can alter your odortype? If you eat a great deal of garlic, it can impact your breath […]
  • Can Intuition be Improved? December 15, 2023
    My friends and I have an ongoing argument: can intuition be improved? What's your take? In his book Answers for Aristotle, Massimo Pigliucci pointed out that research on intuition has clearly shown that it is a domain-specific ability. This means that a person can be very intuitive about one thing but just like an average […]
  • Male-Female Intuition Differences December 14, 2023
    I suppose some male-female differences have been identified related to intuition?  Intuition studies have shown that females seemed more attuned to intuitive information from the heart and were more responsive to prestimulus information than were males. Processes in the prefrontal cortex were moderated by the heart. In general, females appear to process the prestimulus more […]
  • Benefits of Intuition December 13, 2023
    Does the function of intuition really have any benefits to human beings?According to French Philosopher Henri Poincare, through science we ‘prove’, while through intuition we ‘discover.’ Human brains have a built-in ability to pick up on patterns and respond to them in a nanosecond in the form of intuitive insights. What have studies shown about […]
  • Intuition and the Heart December 12, 2023
     You have blogged about the close connection between the heart and the brain. Is the heart ever involved in intuition? Until very recently the prevailing belief was that intuition was related only to the brain and nervous system. Recent studies have found surprising electrophysiological evidence of intuition with a definite heart component. Researchers discovered that the […]
  • Definition of Intuition December 11, 2023
    Is there a universal definition of Intuition? Each person may have his or her own definition of intuition. This brain function is difficult to define—at least with a definition that is recognized universally. According to Sophy Burnham, author of The Art of Intuition, intuition is the subtle knowing without ever having any idea how or […]