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  • Brain Bigotry – Common Questions, 3 September 13, 2019
    What is the reason some people are more bigoted than others?Now that is a complex question! In many cases it may reach back to the core emotion of “fear.” Humans with self-esteem issues may tend to be more fearful of the unknown or of anything they do not clearly understand. Many feel “better” about themselves […]
  • Brain Bigotry – Common Questions, 2 September 12, 2019
     What else can bigotry involve?Bigotry tends to involve underlying issues of anger, lack of knowledge or information, fear,  low levels of Emotional Intelligence, and self-esteem issues that can exacerbate fear and even suppress immune system function  (Note: Self-esteem issues tend to form a circular continuum: abysmally low versus over-inflated. Some are stuck at one position, others rotate […]
  • Brain Bigotry – Common Questions September 11, 2019
    Bigotry? What does that have to do with beliefs and bullying behaviors?Bigotry can be defined as an obstinate devotion to one’s own beliefs, and a stubborn and complete intolerance of any creed, belief, opinion, race, culture, gender, that differs from one’s own.Bigotry can involve targets and categories that are similar to those of bullying, and […]
  • Brain Bullying – Common Questions, 4 September 10, 2019
    So what can one do?Understand what bullying behaviors look like and stay alert. In adulthood it is important to stay alert to prevent bullying behaviors or deal with them effectively to help protect minors who feel powerless to avoid those behaviors. Teach children to tell you when they experience unpleasant behaviors and make it safe […]
  • Brain Bigotry – Common Questions, 5 September 10, 2019
    Can a person become bigoted about anything? Well, think about it. Bigotry tends to involve a “belief,” that can turn into a strong “bias,” that can form the basis for behaviors that include bullying and bigotry behaviors. Many of these beliefs are thought to be absorbed by the age of five or seven, based on […]
  • Brain Bullying – Common Questions, 3 September 9, 2019
    Who are the targets and what are the categories of bullying behaviors?Targets? Oh my. Have you ever seen or heard of a human being bullying animals and birds including torturing them? Certainly almost any person could become a target, especially when they differ from the person exhibiting the bullying behavior. For example, differences could include: […]
  • Brain Bullying – Common Questions, 2 September 6, 2019
    Where do bullying behaviors come from?Studies show that bullying behaviors are learned—and begin early, by age two if normal aggression is mishandled. Some may have a genetically higher tendency for aggression (perhaps due to cellular memory or gestational experience) and gravitate toward it. Typical profile: individuals usually have a good level of self-esteem but tend […]
  • Brain Bullying – Common Questions September 5, 2019
    What do you mean, bullying behaviors?Bullying can be defined as a subcategory of aggressive behavior that is characterized by three minimum criteria: •        Hostile intent to harm or humiliate someone•        Imbalance of power including perceptions about physical strength, popularity, looks, position, embarrassing information, finances, beliefs, values--almost any difference from the brain that is doing the […]
  • Happy September 4th - Dangling Particples III September 4, 2019
    Dangling Participles III – a grammatical faux pas Walking through the woods, the trees looked magnificent.·       Freezing our hand off, the snow was fun to play in.·       Reading quickly, the book was too exciting to put down.·      After laying a very large egg, the farmer presented his favorite chicken.·       If found guilty, the lawsuit could cost billions.·       Driving […]
  • Brain Belief – Common Questions, 11 September 3, 2019
    If it doesn’t hurt anyone else, what’s the problem with an erroneous belief?The problem is that it may hurt you. If you believe there are no poisonous snakes and run across a cobra in the jungle, you may fail to take appropriate and adequate precautions and die as a result. If you believe that lifestyle […]