What is Montessori?

  • Montessori is a developmentally based approach to education. Montessori determines the needs of a child through observation, then guides the child accordingly to appropriate learning activities and materials
  • Montessori Philosophy focuses on respect and partnership- on creating environments in which children learn naturally, learn in harmony with one another, and where they actually want to go to school.
  • Montessori classes are warm, relaxed, and incredibly safe and secure in which children learn how to live and work in partnership with their adult mentors.
  • Montessori children learn at the deepest possible level to believe in themselves in an atmosphere of independence within community and personal empowerment, they never lose their sense of curiosity and innate ability to learn and discover and be confident in themselves, they open up to the world around them and find that mistakes are not something to be feared; instead, they represent endless opportunities to learn from experience.

DSC_0112Over and over again, Montessori proved that having a child teach her was the only way she could learn how to teach the child herself.

“Children must grow not only in the body, but in the spirit.”
– Dr. Maria Montessori