Procedures Prior to Enrollment

Prior to enrollment, we invite you to visit and take a tour of the school.

After the initial meeting, we may schedule another meeting so parent(s) and child(ren) can take a closer look at the classroom. At this time, the Director or Lead Teacher will conduct an interview with the parent(s). This interview provides an opportunity for the parent(s) to gain valuable information about the school and its philosophies as well as for the director to gain important information about the child, their health, disposition, likes and dislikes. This enables the Director to assess how Napa Valley Montessori can best meet the child’s needs.

Enrollment Procedures

The Napa Valley Montessori Learning Center accepts children ages 2.6 to age 12 years regardless of Race, Creed, or Religion.

Children are accepted on a first come first served basis.

Enrollment is open to any student provided Napa Valley Montessori Learning Center can meet the needs of that child.

Health Requirements

A certificate of good health is required at the time of admission, signed by a physician.

All new students are required to have completed immunizations.

Important Documents