Our Story

Once upon a time, a long time ago, a Southern California couple (both nurses) married and moved to the Bay Area. They expected to start a family but after several years without any offspring even offering to put in an appearance, they gave up. Twelve years into their marriage, imagine their surprise to discover that they were going to have a son. Because they both worked, initially they hired a teacher to come to their home to care for him and to teach him whatever he was interested in learning.

Three years later they decided to look for a preschool that would ensure a safe and nurturing environment for their son, Connor. Unfortunately, none existed within a reasonable driving distance. Eventually they decided to start a Montessori school in American Canyon, a good little family town. Their goal was to create a good learning option for their son as well as for the children of other parents who had a similar vision.

And that’s how, in September of 2010, the Napa Valley Montessori Learning Center opened its doors. It began with just two students: the couple’s young son, Connor and a little girl. Now, five years later, the school serves several dozen children and employs nearly a dozen staff.

The school is continuously expanding. As of the Fall of 2015, integrated “hands-on” STEM based projects and additional enrichment programs.